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Forward again in the 38th District

About Tom

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Tom is a lifelong resident of Wisconsin, and has lived in the 38th Assembly District for 19 years.

Tom isn’t a career politician, but has experience in both high-tech industry and in education, and understands their importance to the economic health of the state.

Tom showed his natural leadership abilities during his six years in the Wisconsin National Guard. He was twice promoted before time-in-grade (requiring special permission from the battalion commander).

  •  Taught science for 10 years.
  •  Worked over 15 years in the high-tech industry as a:
    • VP of Manufacturing for a biotech firm
    • Director of Technology for a computer chip manufacturer
    • Project manager and department head for an LCD Display company
    • Senior Scientist and Senior Engineer for a supercomputer company
  • In addition, Tom worked over 5 years as first an apprentice and then journeyman carpenter and 3 shipping seasons as a longshoreman.
  • Tom and his wife Gloria have 4 children; this year they are celebrating 40th wedding anniversary.

“I’m running because Scott Walker and the Republicans are taking the State in the wrong direction.  And I asked myself, “What is the best thing I can do to blunt Walker’s agenda”?  The answer is to run against Joel Kleefisch, who is a rubber stamp for Scott Walker.  And when Kleefisch is not busy being a rubber stamp, he busies himself with introducing legislation at the request of individual donors or voting for absent Assembly members.”


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