Chojnacki for Assembly

Forward again in the 38th District


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Tom Chojnacki

Joel Kleefisch

tom_compariosn kleefisch-comparison

A vision for Wisconsin that
works for all citizens

Special interests, pay to play,
and works for his donors


Represent all citizens

Represents and protects BIG DONORS

Capital Times, January 13, 2014

Wisconsin State Journal, May 07, 2012

Everyone should pay their fair share

Specials breaks for special interests

Voted for AB 426

Ensure clean water for our children

Protects polluters

Capital Times May 15, 2012

Safeguard schools

Supports conceal carry in our schools

Lacrosse Tribune, October 30, 2013

Support world-class public schools

Supports corporate schools

Protect workers’ overtime pay

Against paid overtime

Voted for AB 611

Real World Experience

High-tech Professional: 15 years

High School Teacher: 10 years

Carpenter: 5 years

Longshoreman: 3 shipping seasons
Veteran: 6 years, promoted twice before time-in-grade

TV Reporter: 2 years

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