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I’ve been doing a lot of doors. Yesterday, I was in Oconomowoc again. Unwittingly, I approached one of Scott Fitzgerald’s aids as he was mowing his lawn. He stopped me shortly after I told him I was running against Kleefisch. He is a pleasant guy and we had a laugh after he told me he was an aid to Fitzgerald. I later learned he was Steve Fodi’s son and I was doing doors in the Fodi neighborhood.

That encounter was certainly better (but less entertaining) than the person who first told me to get off his property and then threatened to send his dogs after me if I didn’t leave his neighborhood. He continued to yell at me as I completed the other side of the street and returned to my car.

The Fodi example is one where we can disagree without hating each other. I might add, although Fodi and I did not have any discussion, I have had many pleasant and extended discussions with Republicans as well as Tea Party people as I met them doing doors. In fact, some said they would vote for me.

Unfortunately, the second example shows just how successful the current administration and its out-of-state big money friends are at using voter anger to divide us. People do have the right to be angry; they just are angry at the wrong people.

I’d say that of the people I’ve run into doing doors in Oconomowoc, who say they know Joel Kleefisch personally, about ½ like him while the other ½ seems to want to express a strong dislike for him. Clearly, he is one who divides. I want to unite us and am very encouraged by the positive discussions mentioned above.


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