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Forward again in the 38th District


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That’s Wisconsin’s motto. But are our leaders taking the state forward?

I don’t think so. That’s why I’m running for office.

The Republican Record

What are some of the things that Walker has done, with Kleefish’s support?  The damage of which will not be evident for a few years?

  • Act 10 resulted in the loss of a large number of experienced people.  That means a loss of institutional memory.  As a former manager, the loss of institutional memory is a concern to me because it means I lose the ability to make a good product.
  • He turned down money for fiber optics/high speed internet for schools.  Instead of working toward bringing our school into the 21st century so they can be world class for the 21st century, he abandoned them for ideological/political reasons.
  • He turned down money for high speed rail, which the surrounding states, all of whom have stronger economies, want.  Is Walker really smarter than the surrounding states, the French, the Japanese and the Chinese?
  • He’s against a minimum wage of $10.10.  A wage that will grow the economy, because it will stimulate consumer spending.  If all the impacts of the increase in wages were concentrated in the fast food industry, the fast food dollar menu would become a $1.03 menu.  But the increase in the minimum wage will be spread across the whole economy.

The damage from these may not be evident for a few years, but it is real.


What does the state need to move forward?

  • Solid infrastructure
    How can we have a first-class economy without the ability to move products to market, people to their jobs, and tourists into our state?
  • World class education, from preschool to post-doctorate
    How can we have a first-class economy without a labor force that has the skills needed at all levels of employment, from service workers to knowledge workers?
  • Sound fiscal policy
    Everyone who benefits from our society has an obligation to support the public assets that make those benefits possible.
  • Fairness and transparency in government
    Too often our government is being influenced by interests from outside the state that don’t have Wisconsin’s best interests in mind.
    Joel Kleefisch and the Republican legislature is conspiring to hobble democracy, with gerrymandered districts and voter ID – a solution in search of a problem. And of course there is a particular irony here.

If you agree with these principles, I hope you’ll support me.


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